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2018 spring women's key knit clothing retail analysis

2018 spring women's key knit clothing retail analysis

  Fine gauge sweater   The boundary between comfort and elegance is more and more blurred, creating new opportunities for professional wear and upgrading leisure knitted products. Therefore, elastic

  Fine gauge sweater

  The boundary between comfort and elegance is more and more blurred, creating new opportunities for professional wear and upgrading leisure knitted products. Therefore, elastic plain knitted silk knitted sweater becomes the key single product. Second skin turtlenecks is a transitional season key single product, and in late spring, instead of more innovative shapes, such as long sleeved T-shirt and translucent Polo shirt.

  Fine rib

  The rib is constructed with a fine needle distance, which is consistent with the core theme of elegant minimalism. High convex rib coarse brings stereo sense, given the obscure shape with fresh vitality, such as knitting sweater cardigan and truncated Polo. The white oysters are suitable for the core color, while a series of new sunset colors show the beauty of fashion.

  Stand up collar sweater

  Stand up collar sweater become short turtlenecks folding alternatives, the collar or semi collar design. The continuation of the autumn and winter clothes off the shoulder, kuanxiu models, usually tuck into the waist bottoms, to build an upgraded model. The design of the rib is very popular and is presented in the longitudinal and local effects.

  Loose V neck knit shirt

  As the weather gets warmer, the slack and high Lapel profile of the autumn and winter is replaced by the deep V collar style. Shoulder, lantern sleeves and slub texture continue to give the transition season a sense of comfort. Seam trend, simple rib is still popular in addition, chenille and brushed Ma Haimao touch style is also popular.

  Cross quarter cardigan

  Give up the thick line cardigan in autumn and winter, suitable for soft and light blended transition season. The soft profile adopted last year long and thigh relaxation pocket style, presented in a symmetric cardigan with no decoration style. Color matching tends to be light pink, indicating that the popular color will perform well in the new season.

  Straight striped dress

  Under the impetus of the novel stripes and the long style, the sweater dress continues the popular trend in winter. This season, the stripes are the key prints and patterns, which are more colorful than the previous years, involving the nautical winds, the 70s retro and the local Rainbow Stripes. Although the medium and long term is still the dominant trend, the short term will enter the girl's market.

  Drop shoulder

  The shoulder design extends to spring and is applied to a variety of profiles, not limited to common slack styles. In addition, the details of the sleeve are also used for more fit shape, refurbishing and minimalist design. Thick rib stitching highlights details, different direction of the party gathering in the middle sleeve seam.

  Butterfly sleeves sweater

  The details of the lotus leaf edge continue to add new ideas to the core sweater modeling, influence the sleeves and shoulder, and create an eye - catching appearance. The soft pure color clothing is used in the light neutral color and the water washing pink system, the avant-garde modern brand and the high-end women's clothing brand all favor this.

  bishop sleeve

  For a long time, volume sense sleeve has been a popular design trend in the retail market. From last year's trumpet style to the more fitting shape in spring, lantern sleeve is a typical example. With the help of the details of renovation of the basic style, from the sweater, that is about to rise in the collar, deep V collar and serrated collar.

  Amelioration of mariner stripe

  The classic stripes are essential elements in Brittany, presented in a series of colorful style in 2018. The striking tomato red, yellow and blue color with cobalt blue collocation, color mosaic, pocket and overlay


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